Our Core Values


Australian made, ethically sourced and certified fair trade manufacturing is really important to us. We believe in slow fashion which means, taking pride in the quality of stock over quantity, safe and fair working conditions for both Australian and overseas manufacturers, workplace equality for all manufacturers, designers and pattern makers as well as supporting Aussie jobs. Some of our garments are manufactured overseas in certified fair trade and ethical manufacturers whilst other garments are manufactured right here in Australia, with ethically sourced fabrics and fibres. Ethical fashion is an industry that we are truly passionate about and proud to be involved in. Supporting all levels of our design, manufacturing and consumer process is of the utmost importance to us here at Mumming & Co.



Along with ethical manufacturing and retail standards, we also believe in the sustainable fashion. By sourcing and incorpating organic materials and recyclable fibres into our clothing - as well as limiting our quantities of stock on hand - we can help reduce the large amount of clothing ending up in landfill every year. We also use 100% bio-degradable stock poly bags and 100% compostable mailers to store our stock and ship your orders out to you, also significantly reducing the amount of harmful and non-recyclable plastics ending up in landfill each year. We take great pride in looking after the beautiful earth and helping keep it beautiful for the generations to come.



We have a strong passion for supporting everyone, especially mums and mums-to-be into and throughout their motherhood journeys. We believe in celebrating, empowering, supporting and encouraging all women, mums and mums-to-be in their journeys. We believe you can do anything you set your mind to - both in and out of motherhood. Every woman, mama and mum-to-be can be successful at anything she chooses to do with the right support team behind her. At Mumming & Co we cheer and empower everyone to strive and achieve their goals, whatever they may be, with our full support and love. We've always got your back, ladies!



Staying true to who we are as mums and where we come from, we believe that being open and honest with our valued customer base is truly important in building a trustworthy and reliable clothing brand that mums and mums-to-be can rely on. We are a small business making our mark in the big wide world and we love to not only share, but also include our customers in our journey and the creative design processes of our growth. Your feedback and support is truly appreciated and we love that you can share it openly and honstly with us. We strive to keep our customers well informed with our brand and what we wish to achieve in our journey, with our open passion for honesty and loyalty.