About Us

Hi there, Mama!  Thanks for checking us out and seeing what we are all about!

A little insight into Heather, and how and why she decided to start Mumming & Co.





Hi Mamas, I'm Heather and I started this journey when I was on maternity leave with my new son. He was 10 weeks old when the idea came to me and I've been working on this idea ever since. 

I had never thought about what would happen, and how I would go, when I had to start working again, once my 18 weeks of paid maternity leave were up. All I knew was that I most definitely was no where near ready to get back into the workforce. Especially, after such a short time off after birth.

It seemed so scary and overwhelming. I most definitely, wasn't ready to leave my babe. He seemed so little and of course, I was still breastfeeding (exclusively pumping too mind you) and the thought of trying to work, and somehow manage to express and actually focus at work, seemed to be impossible. I said to myself, "Nope, this will be too much for me to cope with and I need something that's beneficial, both physically and mentally, for my family and myself."

So with that said, I put to use, the skills I had gained working in the fashion retail industry for a number of years and understanding how it worked. I decided that I'd love to share my ideas with other Mums. The idea of fun and humorous tees, that were specifically for mums to wear, that really showcased what motherhood is all about. My ideas kept flooding in and I kept thinking, "My gosh, I hope other mums out there would love to show off their new role and who they are by wearing these tees, I know if I saw these as customer, I would buy every single one!"

My goal is for other mums to feel celebrated and empowered by these designs, and that they feel comfortable wearing them. I am so thankful to have a job that has allowed me the freedom to be home with my son, whilst doing something I enjoy and (hopefully) bringing joy and humor to others. I would be so proud to have my business employing and supporting mums in the near future. Until I reach that goal, it is just me behind the face of Mumming & Co.