About Us

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy getting to know me and my journey into motherhood and business.

I'm Heather, a tradie's wife and a first time mum to a curious and cheeky toddler Riley and a mum to 2 angel babies.

Supporting mums, particularly in the early stages of motherhood, is very important to me. I spent the first 12 months of motherhood, learning to manage and cope with post natal anxiety and depression as well as adjusting and trying to learn to a brand new job, being a mum. I had a quite a small support network and I wish that I had a bigger network during that time. I believe every mum needs a good mum squad beside her to share, embrace and help her transition into her new role as smoothly as possible. So if you're a mum-to-be, a new mum or have been a mum for a while and need a friendly ear, my inbox is always open to you. 

I started my business journey when I was on maternity leave with Riley. He was 10 weeks old at the time and I felt empowered to share my motherhood journey with others, by designing comfy threads that could be worn as a badge of honour, to express the true  essence of everyday motherhood and how it influenced the way I felt about embarking on this new role in my life.

As any mum can relate, I'd never thought about how I would manage and balance mum duties and returning to the workforce, once my paid maternity leave was up. All I knew was, that I wasn't ready to go back, especially, after a short time off after birth.

It was so scary and overwhelming. I wasn't ready to leave my son, he seemed so little and I knew I would feel the mum guilt. I was still breastfeeding (exclusively pumping, which was very demanding, let alone looking after a new baby) and the thought of trying to work, somehow manage to continue with around the clock expressing, and how I was going to actually focus at work seemed to be completely impossible. I knew then, that it was going to take a massive toll on me. And not a good one.

I put to use, the skills I knew I had. The skills I gained working in the fashion industry for 4 years - as well as my qualifications and experience working in the hair & beauty industry for 9 years - and having a knowledge  & understanding about it all. I also had experience in both womenswear and maternity wear. It was the perfect solution for a new Mum who could relate to other mums and mums-to-be wanting to find comfy, stylish and good quality clothing.

Through my brainstorming, I started to narrow down what it was exactly, that I wanted to create, manufacture and share with other mums and mums-to-be.

My goals are to create fun mum quote tees, comfy and stylish plain tees, long sleeve tops and an exclusive denim collection that all mums and mums to be will love wearing, that really embraces my vision - and hopefully a common vision amongst others - about the raw essence of everyday motherhood.

I always hope other mums out there will like my design concepts and connect with what my brand is about. I hope that we also share a common vision for style, comfort, support, sustainability,  empowerment and being kind to everyone.

Some of my short and long term business goals are;

  • For mums to feel celebrated, empowered, and supported when ordering from me and/or reaching out for help.
  • To continue designing and creating stylish, comfortable and quality Aussie clothing.
  • To have my own stock warehouse/head office to work from.
  • To employ other mums with flexibility and freedom to bring children into a work place with them, if their childcare isn't available 
  • To have a nationally and internationally recognised brand.
  • To have the opportunity to wholesale my products to boutiques
  • To continue as a leading ethical and sustainable fashion brand.
I am so thankful, grateful and truly appreciate having the freedom and flexibility to work around my family commitments whilst doing something I truly enjoy and - hopefully - bringing joy, support, empowerment, inspiration, humor and a bit of fun to others.
I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better, and I hope to see you around, Mama!