Our start to 2020!

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This year has kicked off with a huge bang! So many new and exciting things have happened and I couldn't be happier with how everything is tracking so far.

The year started off with applications opening to grow our Brand Enthusiast team and we have welcomed 13 new Brand Enthusiasts to our little team. As you are probably aware, our existing Brand Enthusiasts Alexis & Hayley are still very much involved and have been so welcoming to our growing team. In total we have 15 Brand Enthusiasts on board and it has been wonderful! I have loved getting to know every mama and following along with their motherhood journeys. We even have a few more bumps within our team too! 3 of our team members are expecting bubbas this year, 2 of which are first time mamas! How exciting is that!? Safe to say I am really looking forward to seeing the teams photos and content and of course sharing snaps of their favourite tees! I will include their Instagram handles below, be sure to follow along with all of these amazing mamas.

The next exciting thing, is the idea of expansion for the brand. I have a very clear goal of where I want to take my brand  - and have done since I launched - and where I'd like it to be in short term, mid term and long term. I have been working really hard on my brand growth and very much knuckling down on creating the next level. I am looking at including a few different garments to the label that compliment our tees and really help with creating a mum uniform that is easy to wear in your everyday and requires no thought, wear with ease and comfort and be carry over clothing from pregnancy friendly to post partum friendly. We will still of course have our printed t-shirt collections with the hopes of creating some new designs too. The first, of the different and new garments I have been thinking about and currently researching is having a denim range. I'd like to offer super comfy and stylish denim that can be worn during pregnancy and beyond with ease, that also compliments our printed tees and creates a "mum uniform" so to speak. I've wanted to do a denim range since I first launched, but needed to find my feet and re-evaluate the brand first, to ensure no rushed decisions were made. The second of the new garments is offering plain tees in different styles, colours etc, that can also be easier with pregnancy and nursing comfort and style. I am still currently researching and looking for the right design pattern and fabric to offer but hopeful that we can get started very soon!

And of course, the most recent exciting thing was getting married! I was trying so hard to not spoil the surprise that we eloped, but it was so hard! I am so proud of my relationship with my husband. We have been through a lot of hardship during our relationship, from miscarriage, to grief of loved ones and of close friends, the loss and alienation of Matt's other children, being dumped from past friendships, negativity from trusted people in our lives, financial hardships, many pregnancy scares with Riley, post natal depression and anxiety for both of us, and so on and so forth. With that, we decided that our wedding needed to be just us, our son, and our immediate family. Eloping was a much better fit who we are and what we wanted. We have never been into having a small/medium/large wedding. We'd always talked about eloping. And as I am sure you can remember, the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 our beautiful country was on fire and we felt so helpless and we started discussing how short life is and how important it is to do things for you and your family first. We then made the decision to elope just 9 weeks later, because our family, our life and love was more important to us than waiting until late 2020 to have a wedding. Our day was very special to us and just how we'd imagined it, apart from Riley being a handful at the time of the ceremony but hey, that's toddlers for you right?! We are so happy with our decision to elope and we will never regret doing it. It was the right thing for us and we are proud of it. Always remember to do what is right for you and your family, Mama.

And finally, the last few little bits of excitement for this first quarter were, firstly, having the opportunity to attend Socially Em's National tour, at her Melbourne event. I gained so much knowledge, tips and tricks, reassurance and gained my confidence back. The business and influencer panels were so helpful and of course the wonderful Mumprenuers that were involved in the panels were so inspiring, warm and just down right amazing women. I feel so blessed to have been in a room full of amazing boss mums and inspiring women. The second was being involved and featured in the Lets be Mamma Magazine! I have loved getting to know new Mumprenuers, fellow mums and being able to share a part of my journey with so many of you. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me and the brand and watching us grow in this past 9 months. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year holds and to share it all with you!

With all of that said, we have had a big first quarter for the year! I hope to continue the growth and building of the brand over the next quarter and hopefully we can be offering the next range on our site in that time! Thank you again for following along with my journey and I hope you are loving it! Your love and support means so much to me, more than you can ever imagine Mama, thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You have helped inspire, empower and build Mumming The Label. For that, I cannot thank you enough. Much love to you.

Our Brand Enthusiast Team & Instagram accounts

Alexis @packed_with_mcdonalds
Hayley @mumofboys__
Melissa @mum_of.one
Cara @home.of.the.kings
Danielle S @mummylife94
Chantelle @chantellelarfield
Claire @holistic.heartandsoul
Jade @jadelouisegx
Josie @lifewifeandtwins
Nimzy @nimzychon
Alannah @ourmoranmanor
Nikky @thebrissymum
Danielle A @queenslandmama
Sarah @sarahbowerbird

Samantha @samanthafeast_feastscountry

Our Collaborations Team & Instagram accounts

Marissa @awifeslife_
Courtney @courtneyrodwell_
Karen & Alana @nurturing_mummies

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