The Search is on!



Hello everyone!

We are currently opening up a search for some Brand Enthusiasts to showcase our fabulous tees and help us on our journey with empowering and celebrating modern motherhood!

At first I wasn't sure if this was something that I wanted to do within the business, but after some research and some time to reflect, I thought, this is something I would love to do and would love for some other mums that just love our tees!Business is hard at times, especially being in small business. We are always constantly thinking, "What we can we do to help people?" "What can we do to encourage and empower people?" "What can we do better for our followers, customers and people genuinely interested in our brand?" and so the list of questions goes on and on and on and on and on.. Did I mentioned it goes on?! 

One thing I am passionate about in life is helping others. I was a hairdresser for 8 years and I loved being able to help people feel good about themselves and always being a friendly ear for my clients when they needed someone to turn to and count on. It made me feel good. So I guess with #Mumming The Label, I was searching for someone to help me feel good into the transition of motherhood and I just wasn't having any luck for someone or a group that was able to really get me and help. I wanted to have something I could wear as a badge of honour for becoming a parent, like tee or a jumper that really made me feel like I was showcasing my motherhood journey. As if to say "Hey, I am a Mum and I am proud of this!" or "I've never done this before gimme a break!" So I started thinking of some funny but also empowering things that I would loce to wear as a Mum. The ideas were rolling in and I had so many that I was almost overwhelmed at how many I had come up with! I had to narrow it down to my favourites to start off with for a release. I ended up with 9 designs that you now see in our Signature and Featured Collections. I still have a very long list of more that I can't wait to do and release! But I have to get the ones I do have out there first and see what the response is. Slow and steady, Heather, slow and steady.

I have only been live online with my store for 4 months so it has definitely been a tough journey trying to navigate the online store world and the social media world and the world of marketing and advertising! As a Mum of an 11 month old, I really needed to find another way to help get my products and myself out there. I have a lot of friends that are mums but somehow, I don't know that my tees are entirely their cup of tea, and that's ok, I don't expect everyone to love them, but I do need some help reaching the people that will. If you are interested in being apart of the #Mumming The Label community and would love to be involved, or you know someone who may also be interested in being involved, tag them in our Brand Enthusiast post on Instagram/Facebook and please head straight up to our Brand Enthusiast Applications on our Home menu and send through your info!

I would love to chat with you!

Much Love, Heather xx



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