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2020.. The best is yet to come!

Bring on 2020 I say! I am ready to slay!  So as you are probably aware, I am still in the very first year of our business (and just over the first year of motherhood) and learning so much. I would firstly like to say a big, huge, gigantic, tremendous thank you to all of you who have been following my journey into the big wide world of business and motherhood. I could not have reached my goals without your unconditional and genuine love and support. Without you, my little business would not have grown into the blooming business it is. I truly appreciate having you all beside me and encouraging me to keep plugging away at it. Mamas, you...

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The Search is on!

    Hello everyone! We are currently opening up a search for some Brand Enthusiasts to showcase our fabulous tees and help us on our journey with empowering and celebrating modern motherhood! At first I wasn't sure if this was something that I wanted to do within the business, but after some research and some time to reflect, I thought, this is something I would love to do and would love for some other mums that just love our tees!Business is hard at times, especially being in small business. We are always constantly thinking, "What we can we do to help people?" "What can we do to encourage and empower people?" "What can we do better for our followers, customers...

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