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Super exciting news and an awesome achievement for us! We have been featured in the Natural Parent Magazine's online mag! I never dreamed of having my business and myself featured in a magazine but I know I certainly feel so proud!
So if you have a chance, please head over and give it a read. It's nice to be able to share more of who I am, what my inspiration and goals are for my business with all of you wonderful supporters and customers.
Without your love and support, I don't know where I would be in my journey. Having my business in the beginning of my parenthood journey has definitely been a blessing. It's given me the opportunity to also still be known as "Heather" not just "Mummy".
Being able to have flexibility to work from home definitely helps with transitioning within motherhood and back into the workforce. The only downside is not being able to take a wage and if no sales come through, unfortunately no money comes through either. But for me, there are more positives than negatives. Mumming The Label has only been launched and live for 4 months, so I have to remember to give myself a break and remind myself that all good things take time. A diamond isn't formed in a short time, it takes a very lengthy but also very rewarding process to form a beautiful diamond. We can't rush perfection.
I think that the best thing to do is always have a great support network around you. My network has been a group of people I don't even know! Which is incredible! The power of supporting one another certainly shines through with society! Unfortunately, a lot of people I do know, that haven't shown as much support as I had hoped for, but that's ok. The people who will support you through every journey are the ones to hold near and dear.
I have to say, I am so proud of all of my achievements within my personal life and within the business. It certainly builds strength, character, resilience and determination to keep going. If there is one thing I ask of everyone, it is to make sure you support small business this Christmas and New Year. You will be helping more people than you know. 
#SupportSmall #Support Local #SupportMumsInBusiness
Happy Friday!
Heather xx

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